How To Permanently Disable GM PassLock System


The following instructions will allow you to disable the PassLock security in quite a few GM Vehicles.

  • This will allow you to install a remote starter and not have to purchase a bypass.
  • Avoid Costly repairs for an already broken Pass Lock System.
  • Disable Pass Lock system to prevent from being stranded in the future.


A digital ohm meter (optional)
T25 Screw Driver (optional)
Alligator Clips (optional)
Screw driver or other tools for removing interior panels
1/4″ Drive 7mm or 9/32 socket and socket driver


 This tutorial varies depending if the ignition is located:

On the dash close to the radio


Is mounted in the steering column


If your ignition is located in the dash then you will be removing the panels on the passenger underside (toe board) of the dash. The BCM (Body Control Module) is there and so are the wires we need to get too.

If you ignition is located in the steering column then you will be removing the driver side kick panels of the dash AND the clam shell around the ignition held in with torx screws.

For Cavalier and Sunfire Owners you ONLY have to remove the clam shell around the ignition that’s held in with 3 bolts.

Depending on the vehicle we will be looking for 3 wires bundled together their colours are either:

(Group1)Red/White Yellow Black
(Group 2)Red/White Yellow Orange/Black
  1. Remove the appropriate dash panels to get to the wire harness.
  2. Locate the Pass Lock 2 Wires, they will be coming out of the ignition OR on the BCM they will be located in the grey connector, Pin A6 is your yellow wire, and pin B6 will be a black wire(they should be right beside each other).
  3. Strip some of the wire insulation off the black wire, leaving it bare so you can test and solder to it later. DO NOT CUT THIS WIRE!
  4. Now cut the yellow wire, make sure to leave enough on both ends to give yourself something to work with. Strip both of the cut ends for testing.
  5. Take your digital ohm meter and put your negative probe on the black wire that you stripped back earlier. Put the positive probe on the yellow end of the wire that leads BACK to the ignition. Use alligator clips here to help the probes grab the wires.
  6. With the probes hooked up turn the ignition to the run position. Don’t try to actually start the vehicle, it won’t run anyways :). Read the ohm reading of the meter this is the resistance that we need to create to fool the PassLock security. Turn off the car.
  7. When selecting a resistance don’t worry about being dead on sometimes being close is good enough. If you can’t find something anywhere near to what you read on the ohm meter you have the option to use a resistor between 0.5K ohms up to 13.6K ohms.
  8. With the probes disconnected, take the resistor you selected and attach one of the ends to the black wire and then attach the other end to yellow wire that leads away from the ignition (goes to the computer).  Apply black electrical tape to the yellow wire end that goes to the ignition, we don’t need it anymore.
  9. With the resistor connected try and start your car, if you matched the resistance the car will start on the first or second try.
  10. If it starts then SUCCESS! Solder all your new connections. Tape up your bare wires and re-assemble your dash you’re done 🙂
  11. If it doesn’t start don’t freak out. You will have to do the factory relearn procedure(really easy)

10 Minute Learn Procedure 

  • Starting from the off position.
  • Attempt to start the engine, then release the key to Run position (vehicle will not start).
  • Observe the security light located in the instrument cluster, after approximately 10 minutes the security light will turn OFF. Turn OFF the ignition, and wait 5 seconds.
  • The vehicle is now ready to relearn the Passlock Sensor Data Code and/or passwords on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK.

The vehicle learns the Passlock Sensor Data Code and/or resistance on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK. You must turn the ignition OFF before attempting to start the vehicle.

12.    Your all done, Solder all your new connections. Tape up your bare wires and re-assemble your dash you’re done 🙂


  1. Author

    Oh you hardware hacker you. Nice work! My favourite part was “DO NOT CUT THIS WIRE!” 😀

  2. will this work on 2000 saturn ls? thanks,Art

    1. Will this work on a 1999 Gmc SIERRA 1500 6CYL.?

  3. this was awesome,,i finally slept,,,,i used a variable wattage resistor,,the one you turn volume up with.. worked great and i was right on the money,,please pat yourself on the back this was greatly appreciated more then you will ever know,, i finally got to sleep

    1. Hey, sorry to bother but my car hasn’t been able to start so I want to try using an potentiometer but I’m not sure which cable goes where. Could you help me. Let’s say I’m looking at the potentiometer from above and it has 3 pins counting from left to right, How do you wire?

  4. Works!! Saturn LS 2000. 8.03 resistor @20k did the trick. Thanks!

  5. the 10 minuet wait did not seem to work at this time. I will try one more time and then go on to the meter trick

  6. Will this work on a 2005 chevy malibu classic?

    1. I have a 2005 Saturn Relay Van with the same motor as your Malibu Classic. I am trying to replace the PCM and keep running into the Passlock security problem. Can you please tell me if you ever found out how to bypass or over-ride the Passlock system…THX! RKP_

  7. Will this work for a 99 GMC Yukon? I’ve had to reset with the Key twice just to get it to start and I’m worried about messing up the computer system.

  8. I have a 1996 pontiac grand am se 2.4L engine four door automatic.. I have tried your advice with a 10kohm resistor. at 1/t2 watt checked with ohm meter and the reading is < 10 with the ohm meter set at 20k prior to the install of the 10kohm resistor,the light continues to stay on after the gm relearn session has elapsed. please advise.

    1. GM requires you to perform 3- 10 minute intervals and after the 3rd attempt it will relearn the computer assuming that the security light turned off after interval ?

  9. i use just a 2.2 k ohm and it works fine on all of the cars i have done

    1. Hey Toby, on that 2.2k ohms resistor for a GMC Disable Passlock System, what was the watts you used, because I have three types of 2.2k ohms resistors and they come in different watts, one is ⅛ watts, the other is ¼ watts, and ½ watts? I have a 99 GMC Suburban and gettin’ ready to do this, just need to know what watts to use…or does it make difference?

      1. Did you ever find out which wattage resistor to use Eli? I have the same vehicle and I have dumped over a grand trying to fix an intermittent starting issues with this vehicle which now points to this problem of possibly having something wrong with the PassLock system. Any info would be helpful regarding this fix.

        1. Buzz…I used a ¼ watt resistor, had to do a learn procedure, it took my vehicle almost 1.5 hours to reboot and learn, the security light stayed on the on position for 30 minutes then started flashing for about 45 minutes before it stopped and finally the vehicle started…gonna see if this works.

          1. Ok…update…I did the orange/black wire, the black wire, the black/white wire, the Gray wire to no avail, none seem to last or work until this last time, today as a matter of fact, I had the resistor connected to the Black wire for a week then, it would not start (did it twice this past week was almost late to work one day caught a ride), frustrated I researched a bit and saw Nick’s post (today down below a bit) and tried the Tan/White wire (my vehicle has a Tan/White wire)…Voila! it started right up! no relearn or nothing, after a morning of no start..So, it seems that the Tan/White wire is the one to connect the 2.2 Ohm ¼ watt resistor to the Yellow wire for my vehicle 1999 GMC Suburban, hopefully it will be the right one this time around, will be monitoring to see how long it lasts. This was very frustrating for us, the Pass-Lock feature is a Moronic Failure.

        2. I just left a new comment below, if you’re still having trouble. On 99 Suburban I used 2.2k / 0.5 watt and used the yellow and orange/black wires coming out of the ignition cylinder.

    2. Hey Tony trying this on a 2002 impala will it work?

      1. Hey Demareo I have the same year Impala did you try this yet??

    3. Hey man , would this work on a chevrolet tahoe 2003? Could you help me with a diagrama if you have?

    4. On a 03 gm monte ,, we did the relearn, 2.2 k ohm resistor , had no reading of ohms between the wires like I have with other gms , so used 2.2k and relearn and worked. After about 10 days, the car seems to go into security mode anyway,flashing, then will not start, I take off the bat cables, short the two together,put them back on the battery, and it is good for another 10 days. I think the body control module, BCM is defective and needs replaced.Any advice?

  10. will this work on a 2008 silverado duramax??

  11. Hello, I have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe, could you draw a diagram, since I do not really understand what and how and where to go and what to cut? Please, somebody on more detailed, with photos and diagrams to send me E-mail:

    I apologize for my English, I am from Russia! =))))

  12. hello. great write up. i am just unclear on whether the black wire is NEVER cut or just during testing and then cut to splice in the resistor. I can’t get the car to start with the resistor wired in. I did not cut the black wire however. Any help would be great in my troubleshooting process. Thank You.


  13. Hi, I don’t want to install a remote starter and having security issues on my 2003 Chev. Siverado 1500 HD 6.0 engine, automatic, 4×4, with 4 doors. Will this work? I know its just passing the ignition and the problem could be the ECM. I’ve reprogrammed key fob and done the 30 minute trick. Both batteries are OK,checked engine grounds, starter wires, the solenoid on firewall and checked all fuses. Any imput or info greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


  14. Will this work on a 2006 Chevrolet Express van? If anyone has done it on this vehicle, what resistor should be used? I havn’t messed around with resistors before. Can email me back a response or post a reply on here. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. did you get your info you were looking for? Did it work, I have an 07 and just wondering

  15. I found a wiring Diagram for my vehicle as I could not locate these wires where you said. I found a yellow wire in the BCM under pin A6 and a Blk/Wht wire under pin B6 but they aren’t in the gray connector however the yellow wire is the “security system sensor wire” and I also found in the gray connector under B7 a Tan wire that is “Security system sens low ref” and a blk/wht wire in B6 wich is ground. So my question is which of thwo security wires get cut? Tan or Yellow?

    1. Cut the Yellow wire, strip a bit of insulation to the Tan wire, wrap one end of resistor to it and the other end of resistor to Yellow wire leading to the wiring harness, and try to start the vehicle.

  16. I just ripped apart the fuse control center under the hood and went and cut the green wire that goes for the relay for the fuel pump and ran that wire under the dash to the ignition wiring and tied that into but not cutting the gray wire and starts up fine never had a problem since. it bypasses the bcm and the neutral safety switch all together. the only thing that would make this not work is the oil pressure switch and the ignition switch wiring which are known to fail too but so much easier to diagnose. this was on a 2000 Gmc Jimmy 4×4 SLT

    1. I have tried the resistor bypass and no luck. I was wondering why there was not a way to turn the fuel pump on and bypass everything and then I read your post. Is the ignition wire you tied into grey on all gm’s. I have a 2000 Saturn.

  17. I have a 2001 silverado 1500 ext cab 4 door 4.8 i went to start it and it didn’t do nothing just clicked i done the 30 minute relearn and it worked but i only got luck twice with it now it will not do anything i even went and bought a new key switch to put in it and done the 30 minute relearn and still nothing all my gauges work and everything else is fine any advice anyone i want my whole security system gone! thanks

  18. What happen if i just cut tje yellow wire, does it work?

    1. Author

      If you cut the wire while the car is runnning then it should disable the passlock but the security light will stay on till you repair the wire.

    2. Works on 01 cavilier! After trying resisters and adjustable POTS, I finally tried this! Put the two yellows back together did the security reset for 10 mins. When the light went off I started it up, while it was running I unhooked the yellow wires again. Car stayed running and starts up every time. Security light is on but I’m ok with that since it’s a derby car.

  19. I have struggled with the pass lock on a 2004 Silverado, on which I replaced the pass lock assembly around the ignition to no avail. I figured out how to by pass the system by jumping the starter relay located in the fuse box under the hood ( made a jumper from a political sign wire, turn key on to run, remove relay, jump terminals 30 with 87, once started reinstall the relay ). This works well as I no longer get stranded until the truck restarts. But there were still issues especially with the vent controls not switching from defrost to dash vents as they should. I consulted with a local mechanic and he quickly stated that there is a data jam in the system and the fix is to remove both battery terminals, touch both together, then touch the positive to the negative battery terminal, wait a half hour or so, then reinstall the battery terminals (key out of ignition), finally perform the re-learn procedure (as described above). This has solved the vent control issues, now hopefully it resolves the intermitted starting issue.

    Chopper Don

  20. Thank you, this is the best forum for this issue! I have finally found a quick fix and another option other than resistor/s. I went over to Radio Shack to buy some resistors and found an “adjustable Linear-Taper Potentiometer” I was able to adjust the resistance (0-5kOhm) until it was correct and after connecting it to the black wire and the yellow wire I adjusted it to the middle thinking it would be around 2.5kOhm and after adjusting it only a couple tries it turned over and started for the first time in over a year. Not to mention it was only $3.49 Check it out for yourself!

      1. Did you ever figure out the wiring on the Potentiometer since it had 3 connectors?

  21. Thank you !! after a year the car started right up. I didn’t even measure the resistance, I used the 2.2 that Toby C. ( above ) recommended and presto.. The transmission did remain locked for some reason until I performed one relearn system. My only question is the security light. The security light remains on constantly? should I reconnect the key side yellow wire to fix it or just live with it? which is no problem,,,
    Thanks again

    1. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes. It should reset the security light. Make sure the black wire still goes to ignition

    2. wat kind of car did u do that on. i have an 02 monte carlo and cant seem to get it to work any help would b appreciated thanks jon

  22. 2005 Kia amanti I removed BCM to clean connections .The windows wouldn’t roll down .After reinstalling BCM the windows worked fine . Drove the car about 15 mins pulled up to a stop sign and it quit .Started back up just wouldn’t idle .I noticed the car with the key in it on the dash was on . I know it has something to do with the security system .Any help you can give , it ran fine before i unplugged the BCM thanks Jerry

  23. My husband is trying to do this. Yes got the car to turn over and start but it shuts right back off. He also says the lights aren’t working. Guess it doesn’t help that he’s colorblind. Any suggestions as to what he might have done and how he can fix it?

    1. most likely he cut the wrong wire? women have much better color vision on the whole more then men do. so you could team up whith him on tis project and have some ‘quality time with him in the bargain. good luck.

  24. I did this on my 2001 impala with a 2.2k resistor.Worked like a charm THANKS!!!!!!

    1. Hey… I’ve got a 2002 chevy impala… could you send me a picture of the finished product?

    2. Hey I have an 04 impala and don’t know which harness to cut the yellow wire from. Could you help me out? Where is the harness at that you used?

  25. will this work for a 2008 Isuzu I290

  26. On the 04 Cavalier my bcm connectors are purple, blue and brown so what connector do I do this bypass with?

  27. I used the omhs resistors tried to reprogram it, and it still wont start. I can jump the starter relay it runs for about three seconds but shuts off, does anybody know what the hell is going on? Thanks

    1. The security system disables the fuel pump so car will start but runs out of fuel when the fuel line depressurizes.

  28. Thanks for the help I try everything from bypass module to whatever yours was the only one that work, truly greatfully

  29. 1999/2000 chevy Silverado, computer was replaced and reprogramed. That didnt fix it so the ignition and harness were replaced next. It still has intermittant problems where it just wont start, turns over and fires but immediately died. The relearn process doesnt seem to work for this. Usually kill the batt trying to start it eventually and after some time, sometimes over a week if i jump it it starts. Then randomly it does it again. Does the computer need to be reprogramed since it got a new ignitiom and wire harness? Or can i just do this bypass to avoin this problem in the future, if the computer has to be reprogramed can i just do the bypass to avoid the $100 charge to reprogram it. 309,971 miles on original motor and tranny and counting!!!!

    1. I just repaired a ’01 Jimmy with the same-symptoms for having a bum BCM (actually had WRONG P/N installed)…and if you verify it comes pre-programmed you shouldn’t have to pay someone ELSE to do it, though you will need to do the 30 min. relearn proceedure, and possibly Remote Keyless Entry F.O.B. relearn too : ? Good Luck!

    2. Allen have a 2001 chevy 2500. Left key on. Charged batt tried relearn nothing. Not wanting to afford taking to dealer. How do you know if security, computer, ignition ect

  30. If you have a bum BCM there is NOTHING you can do to get the vehicle Started AND RUNNING (vs. Crank-Start-Stall) UNTIL the BCM tells the PCM it’s OK to KEEP the Vehicle running…likely the problem for those of You having performed these “Pass-Lock II Bypass Procedures” where the vehicle STILL won’t Crank-Start-RUN : ?

  31. How can i tell if my yruck is passlock 1 or 2?

  32. I see that by the procedure you are using here is that the only thing being bypassed is the hall effect sensor in the column. this procedure is still using the Theft Module and the BCM to let the car start. A lot of these no starts are also caused by a defective Theft Module and this by itself will not go around that failure.

  33. I have a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire and was wondering if I do all the steps to the wires coming out of the ignition lock cylinder black, white, yellow or is there wires on the left side of the steering column coming from the ignition switch not the cylinder that I am supposed to do the fore mentioned steps to. Please advise and thank you for this.

    1. Make sure you’re doing it right. Also, there may be a problem with the sensor inside the ignition switch from where those three wires come from. I have replaced the ignition switch once in my 00 impala and that is sensor (i think is a sensor) connects inside the switch where the key makes contact with it. Getting a new switch was expensive but still cheaper than taking it to the dealer. I’m guessing that if there is no reading you may need to disassemble the ignition switch but I’m just guessing. Let’s see what the pros say.

  34. Well I tried this because my car (02 Malibu) died on me on the highway and it wouldn’t turn on even after doind the 10 min steps. but in my case, I had a different problem. One of the main fuses wasn’t making good contact. When I had the key in the “on” position waiting to reset the anti_theft system, no lights appeared on the dashboard only anti-theft system light was on. So my dad pushed one of the fuses and all the warning lights came on and off like if something wasn’t making good contact. I pulled the fuse and it was fine. I opened the box thinking something was lose inside but all wires seemed tight and secure. I cleaned the two pins of the fuse with sand paper and used a small knife to clean the inside of the connector and finally pulled out a little bit the two pressure pins that secure the fuse to make it more tight and reinstalled the fuse. The car starts fine now. I was working on the bypass thing when we discovered that so I finished doing it but now the anti-theft light remains on but the car started after finishing so let’s see what happens. For now it seems fine and now I need to go back the first problem before the car wouldn’t start which was to find out why the cooling fans don’t turn on. First and Last Malibu I will ever own. Good luck guys.

  35. Will this work on an 08 saturn aura? My car just randomly completely shuts off a few minutes prior to shutting down that darn passlock light comes on, I figure if I disable it, voila problem solved

  36. i have a 2001 gmc sierra 3500. could someone tell me what resistor i should use?
    the keys i have aren’t original.

  37. My 2003 Impala would not start and the security light would come on. After having the ignition switch cylinder replaced in 2009 at a cost of $431 and having both the ignition switch cylinder and the body control module (BCM) replaced in 2010 at a cost of $886 the problem returned again in 2013. I did this bypass procedure in 2013 and have had no further problems.

    1. Hey I have an 04 impala and need help. I don’t know which wire to cut because it’s so many harnesses around. Can you tell me what you did or show a diagram or pic?

  38. I wanted to greatly thank who ever posted this information, I just did this procedure to my car & it started right up…My car was down for 2 days due to this security. I went to radio shack, got me different resistors & place in & it started right up……You are truly heaven sent…Thank you so much for looking out for those that didn’t know what to do. Cause I wasn’t giving GM a dime…..I wish I could buy you dinner to a restaurant of your choice……Once again I thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I have a 05 chevy Cavalier with a anti theft system that is locking my car up I need someone to help me figure out how to get my car started I thank you

    1. Maybe this will work: If the security light comes on when you try to start it, leave the switch in the run position for about ten minutes until the security light changes. Then turn the switch off, then try too start and leave switch on for another ten minutes until the light changes then repeat this procedure again (total of three times, takes about 30 minutes) then turn off and fourth try it might start. (worked on my 2003 Impala). Has something to do with the computer learning a new code.

  40. I will pay anyone in Missouri if they can fix my car!!!

    2003 Malibu with aftermarket radio not factory antitheft system siren goes off keyfob wont work if u pull the door handle all the doors unlock I have tried everything on google and youtube nothing works!! sometimes security light flashes stays steady or goes out car will not turn over just crank please help can some one walk me through this process please????? I HAVE 3 IGNITIONS AND ANOTHER BCM PLEASE HELP!!!!!! CONTACT ME AT

    1. Hey, do the dashboard lights remain on when doing the key re-learning process? Ihave an 02 Malibu and for a while the car wouldn’t turn on, it would rotate but that’s was it. Anyways, turned out that one of the main fuses had a faulty connection. We spotted it by turning the key to the on position and then we jiggled the fuses a little bit. When the faulty fuse made good contact, the dashboard illuminate it and the car started. I would”ve never guessed that was my problem. We spotted the problem by accident!! Lol I was also in the process of doing the procedure shown on this website to the ignition switch but i think I did it wrong because the theft system light remained on but the car has been running ok for the past two months. Another thing I did is that I reinstalled the factory radio in it. Got the original wire harness and stereo at the junk yard, removed a chip from inside the radio to make it work. After market radios activate the theft system if they’re not installed properly so that’s why I went back to the original. I really don’t think the radio is the problem but I did it anyways. I hope any of this info helps so good luck.

  41. I have an 2001 aurora. It was having starting issues. I suspect it was having passkey issues. In the mean time the only key I had for the car was stolen, so I went to the dealership and had a new key made for it. now the thing will not learn… the car is only worth maybe $1000 but I need to get this thing out of my driveway! any help would be great!!!! contact me at

    1. I’m in the same boat what did u do the car runs fine and i just spent two hundred and alot of hours on fixing it so I need help if the passkey is out of the ignition will the ignition still turn the motor over and will it power all the rite shit and idk I got it to turn on ACC but no started today I charged battery and will attempt it again and if it works I’ll tell u but if not I jump starter it it works I tell u


  43. I have a 2001 chevy silverado 1500, been down for two years, would crank run shut stall, Ive tried everything but the passlock 2, im wondering if i should venture that route because nothing seems to work at all.

  44. If you have the red white yellow orange and black is the orange and black the ground

  45. This did not work on my 04 Monte. The security light was coming on intermittently, then one day it wouldn’t start – no crank, nothing. I was trying to determine if the cranking relay was clicking and it turned over and started after several tries. I then did this procedure. The first startup after doing this resulted in no warning lights and it ran fine. After about 5 minutes the security light came back on. Now it comes on everytime I start the car and stays on, but the car has not failed to start since.

  46. Recently did a bypass on my 2002 Impala to install a remote starter. Instead of this method, I used a relay, a 2.2k ohm resistor and just forced it to relearn that resistance. Both the yellow AND black wire are cut on the key side and not in use. Ran the (computer side) black wire to a ground, and the yellow wire to the relay. The “Ignition 2” wire is the switch, so it sends the resistance to the PCM while cranking, just as it would without the bypass.

    1. Probably also worth mentioning: I had to do the 30-minute relearn procedure. For those who don’t know, it’s the 10-minute relearn procedure done 3 times, back to back to back. So if the bypass didn’t work after doing the 10 minute relearn, try the 30-minute.

    2. what relay are you talking about. could you draw a diagram

  47. HELP!~ 98 cheyenne 2500 that’s had column replaced as well as cluster… anyway cranks, starts, dies every time! security light stays on – even after 10 minutes or 3 hours doesn’t matter never goes off tried the ohm meter to the 2 wires to determine the resistance and no reading ! so I went to the column where the wires come out of the switch and tried again, again no reading and yes my ohm meter is working so you think it’s the ignition switch itself or the uh…. gulp .. BCM?

  48. Tom,

    I have a 2003 Silverado 1500HD crewcab, and I’m having the same problems. Did you have any luck in fixing your problem, and if so what was the fix? Does your wireless remote (key fob) still work?

  49. Thank you for sharing these secrets!

  50. I have been putting up with this crap from GM for the last 10 yrs on a 2001 Chev Silverado 5.3. Being left at gas stations, stores, work, everywhere and have just tried this fix. Followed it to a tee and it took the full 3 re-learns to start. Going to leave the dash apart for the next 6 mths in case, but so far it appears to be working.

  51. my name is Devin and I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado 3500.the fuel pump stays running and it keeps ejecting gas into the engine even after I shut off the truck it just started doing this the other day? What do you think it could be?if you need any in so that will not be a problem I appreciate you putting this post up and I hope to hear back from you soon thank you

  52. I have a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville SSE. I recently found out that I have to replace the steering column. I am afraid to let my neighborhood mechanic whom has done great work on my car in the past take on this challenge because I am afraid that the car will lock. What would u suggest?

  53. I purchased a 97 Cadillac Deville Concours that had some minor side damage. The car had been sitting for two months with no battery. I borrowed my friend’s battery and the car started and drove fine. I returned the battery to my friend and when i installed another battery (used one) it came up with this “Theft System problem, car may not restart” error and since I can’t get it to start. The security light comes on when you turn the key to “run” and then goes off but the car won’t start. Will the relearn be the way to fix this issue? Can I use a used battery that is good or should I purchase a new battery? When I select “lock” on the remote it does not show no security light even when the doors are opened it does not show the “security light” at all. Please help as I want to get it running. Thanks guys.

  54. For my 1999 Suburban 1500, the two wires I used were the yellow (cut) and orange w/ black (don’t cut). They are two of the three wires coming out of the harness on the top of the ignition cylinder. The ohms measured 1.8k and I used a 2.2k / 0.5 watt resistor…a 10 minute reset and it fired right up.
    By the way, I have 4 resistors left (it only came in a 5 pack), I’m happy to mail one to anyone who asks, just reply to my comment with your address and I’m pretty sure the website will send me an email to let me know…I hope it does, otherwise, my problem is fixed so I probably won’t come back to this blog post again.

    1. Having issues with 99 yukon. I would greatly appreciate a resistor.

      David Benson
      24782 East Cedar Lake Drive
      New Prague, MN 56071

      Thanks a lot

      1. No problem…it’ll go out with today’s mail. You should have it this week.

    2. Do you still have a resistor you can send me?? And was pretty easy to do? I have a 98 Old Acheva that I need to do this on….Thank you…


    3. Please I need so badly can’t find anywhere

  55. On a 03 chevy monte carlo, did not get a resistance reading from the keyswitch so we used a 2.2k ohm, 1/4 watt resistor, did relearn, and it worked. Now , having problem blowing fuse on the power door lock circuit. changed the 20 amp fuese, works for a little while, then blows again. changed the actuator and the lock button. No help . frustrating!

  56. I did the resistor bypass today as directed at this site. Cut yellow spliced into org/blk.. Truck actually started for the first time in a week, but it only ran for a few secs. It have tried about 4 times now and it will cranks but only runs a few secs. Should I now do the relearn procedure? Thank you so much for this site.

  57. Ok, I did the re-learning process early this , evidently it was successful as the security light no longer comes on(except for opening the door) BUT the truck still will not start. I have to get this truck running, its my only vehicle. I have to make it reliable or I have to be able to sell it or trade for something that is. Where do I go from here? It’s beginning to sound like its the BCM. Your comments are greatly needed and appreciated

  58. consulta yo monte un motor vortec 5.3 año 2004 en un camaro 86 me funciona todo menos la injeccion no tengo el ramal electrico de la cabina solo el del motor con los tre conectores generales
    energise con 12 volt todos los pink y los orange y los negativos black y black white y no me funciona da arranque y se detiene saben cuales son los cables o numero de cable en la pcm para poner la resistencia y desbloquear el passlock gracias

  59. I ride a query engine 5.3 vortec on ​​a 2004 camaro 86 runs me anything but I do not injeccion the electrical branch of the cabin only engine with the connectors between general
    energize with 12 volt all pink and orange and black black and white negatives and it works does not start and stop know what the number of wires or cable to the pcm to put strength and unlock passlock thanks

  60. I’m having a problem with my 2001 blazer but the passlock has locked me out. I’ve tried using a 1/4 watt 1k ohm resistor, a 1/4 watt 4.7k ohm resistor, and a 1/4 watt 10k ohm resistor. None have worked and I’ve done your factory reset with each one. I can’t get an accurate reading with a voltmeter I bought so I’ve tried 3 different resistors all in the range of .5k ohm to 13.6k ohm like you said. But I’m stuck nothing is working. Please help ASAP

    1. Did you ever figure anything out? Mine is doing the same thing.

  61. What if the security light doesnt flash?

  62. My little red light on the radio is not on but anti theft is locking me out and my truck won’t start. Any suggestions??

  63. I have a 2006 Cadillac escalade esv i replaced the factory radio with a new one just recently they broke into my car and stolen my radio my coworker gave me a used gm radio it fit in and olso the connection is a 2005 GM DELPHI please help how to unlocked it reads theftlock activated it have cd and navigation system tanks you

  64. ay amigos alguin me puede ayudar tengo una 2000 silberado arranca se apaga y tiene la luz de segurida todo el timpo

  65. I got a 99 silverdo Z71 that the passlock system left me stranded. I found this website telling me how to bypass it. My truck has the org/blk wire and yellow wire. I did what was said and my truck fired right up and have been driving it for months now with no issues except when I by passed the passlock system, my fuel gauge, temp gauge, shift indicator light, and 4×4 low(push button type) doesn’t work. Ive done the relearn procedure multiple times but does no good on fixing these issues. Also, when I shut my truck off and if my bright lights are on the bright light indicator and security light stays on all the time which will run my battery down if left set for a couple of days. Has anyone else had this issue after bypassing the passlock?

  66. if I accidently cut the black wire is there anything I can do

    1. I do believe he said don’t cut the black wire… so don’t cut the black wire…duuuu… and you won’t have to worry about it RIGHT…!!!

  67. If you cut the black wire just solder it back together. The black wire is the passlock ground wire and is needed for the truck to be able to start.

  68. I have six 14 ga. wires coming out of the bottom of what I think is the passlock sensor. After cutting the yellow wire, I found no continuity between the yellow wire on the key end and the black wire. I removed the bottom cover on the passlock sensor to expose the soldered connections of the wires. With the key in the “on” position, the resistance was infinite between the black wire and all of the other wires on the sensor. What did I do wrong? Did I check the wrong wires? There were also a bunch of small approx. 22 ga. wires that appeared to be coming from somewhere near the lock cylinder.

    1. What is the year, make, and model of your vehicle?

      1. It is a 2000 Chevy Astro Van LS.

        1. You should have a orange /black and a yellow wire coming from the passlock module. You want to start the can then strip back the Orange/black and cut the yelliw wire. Put your meter on resistance and measure from the Orange/black to the ignition side of the yellow wire. This will give you the proper resistance you need to put in place. Once you have found the resistance needed, twist your one side of the resistor into the Orange/black wire and the other side connect to the yellow wire going AWAY from the ignition. This will bypass it permanently.

          1. I have had some instances when you can not satisfy the bcm with the resistor, in which case, the alarm will go off after several days of use. Then, you must go to the salvage yard and purchase a body control module, that then will lead to a relearn from the radio theft lock. But this has been on about one out of ten of my bypasses I have performed on these units.

          2. OK, I think I got the correct wires this time. There are more than a dozen wires coming out from around the switch. The tiny 22 gauge wires include a yellow and an orange and black. I read 6200 ohms. Does that sound about right?

          3. Yes. That sounds about right.

          4. Thanks. I appreciate the help.

          5. Glad I could be of assistance. Let me know if you need anything else.

          6. OK, I went through the procedure. I found the resistance between the key end of the yellow wire and the orange/black wire. I built a resistor circuit since I could not get a single resistor of that value. I connected it from the computer end of the yellow and the orange/black wire. After going through the key on for ten minutes/key off for 5 seconds procedure (3 times), I got the engine to turn on and stay on. However, now it runs terrible. Tapping the throttle does nothing. Before altering the wiring, it ran for only about 1 to 2 seconds, but it ran good. I even checked the manifold vacuum with a mechanical gauge and it had a strong steady vacuum and good fuel pressure. Now it runs, but just struggles. It seems as though I confused the computer or I got the wrong wires crossed. What happened?

          7. what color are the ignition pass lock wires in a 2007 GMC Canyon?

          8. will I need to leave the module connected? There are two yellow wires.

  69. I have a 99 Suburban LT. I have seen reports that it should be an orange wire, and then similar to your article, Iv’e seen the yellow and black wire. How can I be certain which wires to cut?

  70. If I don’t have access to an ohm meter how can I accomplish bypassing the Pass Lock system ?

    when the directions say find something near is that referring to any of the existing wires in that area ?

  71. this is not a comment but a question for some-one —–any-one —with knowledge to please help , what resistor is spoken of in the directions on how to permanently disable security system . please help !

  72. I have cut the yellow wire and spliced it into the orange/black wire without using my multi-meter. Is this my problem? The security light is solid now, when at first it was blinking. I went through the whole reset or relearn procedure and I was just about to go and get a pack of resistors but I am going to try to find the resistance with the meter. My starter just spins… could I have burned out my ignition switch!?

  73. I cut the yellow wire and now my cylinder turns freely.

    1999 silverado

  74. i dont have a black ..or an orange/black on my 2007 express van?? i have yellow 2 beige grren and red with white stripe ….wich one do i splice into with yello and resistor

  75. What color on a 96 Silverado I can not locate anything other than a brown and agreed wire coming from the ignition? Is this the right area?

  76. are the wires to premanitly disable on a 06 hummer 3 the same? thank you

  77. are the colored wires the same on a 06 h3 hummer

  78. My thanks to those who figured this out. I had the same symptoms (for the second time on my car) and the dealership and a local private garage both indicated lots of hundreds of dollars (first time the price was $700). I followed the instructions here and after about an hour of work, the problem was gone. My car is a 2004 Chevrolet Classic.

    On my car, the black center piece of the dash is held in place by several clips; a flat screwdriver under a corner can be used to pry it loose. (Don’t pull the whole piece up from the one corner; work around the perimeter bit by bit, so no clips get broken.

    The radio must be pulled out, and the ignition switch loosened and pulled over to the radio opening. The switch has several bundles of wires; the group of three wires is the one you’ll want.

    I purchased my resistor on eBay for about $3; I am experienced a soldering wires.

    Thanks again for those who figured this out!

  79. I went through the procedure, but now the engine barely runs. Before the procedure it ran good for a second or two. and then shut off, but at least it ran strong for that short period of time. Am I supposed to remove the resistors or reduce the resistance? What do I need to do now?

  80. hey guys I’m having the same problem except I replaced the ignition and then lost the new key. would anyone know how to bypass all of this without the key? thanks in advance for any help you might haveyou can send any responses to my email if you would thanks again

  81. I have 95 silverado with GM alarm system and lately is giving me this issue and sometimes it starts and sometimes doesn’t. Any idea or will this procedure provided here will work?

  82. 2000 olds alero won’t start. Security light stays on steady, no blinking. Reset procedure doesn’t work. No voltage to solenoid on start attempt. I think something in the BCM has gone to a higher level lock out. It wouldn’t start after getting gas the other day. I assumed it was the starter, so I pulled the starter to test it–it’s OK. Then I started searching the web and found all this stuff about passlock. One article said “don’t disconnect power from battery after a failed start attempt”–which I did without knowing when I pulled the starter. Is there some way to clear the BCM so it will give the proper signal to start? Then I can apply your procedure.

  83. A little more info – There is no voltage at the neutral safety switch which feeds the solenoid. I assume that is fed from the ignition switch, but I can’t trace the wire from the Neutral Safety Switch to the ignition switch. Don’t know where to look next.

  84. Will this work on a 1998 1500 van. The key on his van does not have a chip it is in the switch and tumblers?

  85. this did not work on my 2000saturn sl1

  86. Will this procedure do the same thing the Xpress kit PLJX part does on a 2004 Chevrolet Impala

    1. I got a resistance and then didn’t it fluctuated from around 8 to around 18 ohms. Have yet to install a resister . He also stated that the car would not start with the yellow wire cut but mine did.With mine its a intermittent start no start problem.

  87. King Bain hit the nail right on the head here.I have had this problem for years mistaking it for a starter motor problem. I have a US motorhome in the UK.It is a P32 Workhorse chassis with a GM6.5L engine and a PASSLOCK system. Have all the wiring schematics but I cannot access the rear of the key to see the colours of the cables but I can see them all further down the steering column. What to do next? Assistance would be appreciated to remove this nightmare nonsense….Paul

    1. It should work with the 01 alero I have done a lot of research on this because I have a 99 Malibu with the same problem and 01 alero was also on the list.

    2. To comment further it effects
      99-04 grand am
      99-04 alero
      97-03 Malibu

      1. do you think it will work for a 2001 Chevy Impala?

  88. thank you for the information… it was very helpful to me.

  89. Have the same problem on my car 04 impala witch security wire it is

  90. I need help with my cavalier if you can help me contact me (phone number removed) my name is Weldon I have a 1996 Chevy cavalier 2.2L theft lock on

  91. Switch completely locked on my yukonxl 2003

  92. What is my probe my vehicle has the group 1 set of wires.

  93. Just tried this and it removes the light but still will not start. ? I did it exactly as you stated? Any suggestions?

  94. I put a 6.14 resistor in the truck 2003 suburban 5.3, from the yellow to the module to the black (uncut) I have done the relearn twice now and still no start. The light still flashes when I try to start the vehicle. I see a .05 2.2k resistor has worked for others. Is my problem the resistor value? I will try one more relearn as I see another person had to do it three times on a 2004 Yukon which is basically the same as my Suburban. Thanks for your help and I hope you can answer me soon.

    1. I’m not sure about your Suburban but I was told for the 2005 trailblazer with the 4.2 L I-6 that the relearn process is actually 3 x the 10min procedure above and make sure you do the last part of it to the Tee

  95. Ok I tried everything you suggested. I even bought a new ohm meter to be sure and tested it. I have ZERO reading from the black to the yellow key wire or computer wire on my 2003 1500 2wd 5.3 suburban. It won’t start no matter what I do.

  96. I have a 2004 Yukon XL 2500 4WD. Will this procedure work for this vehicle?

  97. Ok i got a 2000 gmc seara sle put a single 680 ohm in pass key code wire yellow to black live end to comp.and put same one to purple and yellow on pass.side kick pannel..why wont it stay running..? Please help..this is a contest to me to learn this and realy wanto asap.advice to try..?

  98. My question is will this still work if i dont have the factory radio installed. Right now i have no radio, everything works but the anti theft problem.

  99. Will this work if the computer has shut down the fuel pump? IF not what do I need to do? I can get the car to run. If I unhook the pump at the tank and put a jumper on the pins and put power to it

  100. If I am getting no ohms is the bcm bad

  101. Wat if egnition is ripped out how would I by pass anti theft systenlm

  102. I have a1999 Yukon Denali.. I cut the yellow wire on the ignition but i’m not getting a resistance reading. The ignition has been replaced.. Any idea why i’m not getting a reading??

  103. I have an 06 impala and my wire colors are black,white/black,pink,purple/white and white so I don’t know which wires to cut.
    please help thank you.

  104. On my 2001 chevy pontiac sunfire, the radio was hooked up wrong so I fixed it, and when I did it sent the car into theft mood. So I went and disabled the Orange and black wire and grounded it out to see if I could get it to start. And now it starts then shuts off, its like it’s not getting any gas I don’t know if it’s still in theft mood or what but if any one has any suggestions if you could text cause I kinda need it fixed tomorrow. 9795307610 thank you.

    1. Change your ignition control module.make sure its programmed

  105. I did this on my 2002 Saturn. The resistance was 559 ohms so I tried 1000 ohm. It worked on the 3rd try. I checked the service manual and it says to use the 30 minute relearn procedure (3-10 minute) if you don’t have the scan tool. Thanks for the info.

  106. 04 pontiac grand prix gt bypass theft system for ignition switch

  107. will this work on a 1999 gmc 1500 sierra 4.3 pickup. unhooked the battery and changed the fuel lines going to the spider’ Hooked everything back up and it will not start Code is saying security fuel shutoff. Fuel pump is working fine,

    1. Thank you for the info.I also own a 99 sierra. rent the Bosch unit from auto parts store this will let you start your truck then pull all three wires from top of the key cylinder I did this and it has started every time for a year now.

  108. I cut the yellow wire and spliced the black wires leading up to the sensor that plugs into the ignition housing and connected my ohm meter to the black and the yellow end that goes to the ignition sensor and turned the key to the on position and get no reading on the meter. do you have any idea why or is it not connected correctly

  109. I replaced my ignition switch and the lock cylinder was put in upside down so when I hooked up the battery the black wire on the clip opposite of ignition switch by the firewall fried and now it lights up but just clicks where do I run new wire

  110. my sunfire doesnt start! the theft system is actived, i connect a switch between orange and black cable and the theft system continuos, what i need to do for to engine start?
    Thank you!!

  111. 1998 s10 security light comes on and no fuel sent to cylinders. I want to bypass system. What is my cheapest option?
    This morning I jumped on the bumper and rolled it back a few feet like a wrecker picked it up again and the truck started. Just don’t want to be stranded. Thank you in advance.

  112. What exactly do u mean by find a resistor of equal or close to same ohms?

  113. have 2000 astro van how do i bypass the pass lock sys

  114. Here’s an easy way to disable and/or remove the system:

    1. Make sure engine is running. Purposely cause a fault in the system. I find the easiest way to do this is to unplug the BCM.

    2. Security light should pop on. Next, either unplug the sensor or cut the wires going to it.

    3. At this point you can turn the engine off. Plug your BCM back in, either tape over or remove the security LED, and you’re done. You can leave everything in or tear it all out at this point.

    1. Hi I have a 98 chevy Silverado vortec 5.7 k1500.Ibe tried using resistors, I replaced the passlock computer module and doing the relearn proceeder at each attempt.thr security light stays on.the truck will start run for two seconds and die

  115. Have a 2000 Chev Van 3500. Need to bypass passlock sensor. No Chip in key

  116. I have a 1996 Oldsmobile acheiva. I did what Jeremy says above about 3 years ago. I started the vehicle and cut the yellow wire. Then turned it off. All was good for a couple years. Then it started going into lock again. I would reconnect the wires and get it to start and pull the wires apart and turn the ignition off before it died and it was good for a while again. Now it’s completely dead. No start and stall at all. Ca not do the factory reset either. FYI I’m a life long mechanic/electrician. This one has me wanting to power the fuel pump and the coils some how and over ride the system. I’ll try the resistor first.

  117. I have a 97 Grand Am and done this and still the Theft light is on and won’t start as well as the shifter unable to come out of Park. Ideas?

  118. I have a 2004 Alero and it will not start what do I do to bypass so the car will start for me

  119. Have a 98 sunfire. Thank god I dont need to move my car for now. I need to bypass the passlock. Ignition switch is in the column. I have no clue about car wiring.

  120. Some GM vehicles have a Key sense wire that must receive a ground signal to indicate the key is in the ignition. without it grounded the security light will activate but I believe the car will still start. I’ve installed over 50 remote starters and I always have to ground the key sense wire or have a security light issue. Just thought this may be helpful.

  121. My 2006 grand prix was broke into and they tried to steal it . They tore the ignition out and the pk3 chip. I out the ignition back in and it won’t start due to theft system. The 3 wires that came into the chip were cut and now what do I hook the ohm reader up to? And is the bcm on the driver’s or passengers side ?

  122. I have a 01 blazer and cut the orange and black whire to hookup a 10k ohm resistor to the yellow wire and hooked it up to the black and orange whire…. Still not turning on and it immobilizes the car by cutting power I fuel pump as it’s meant to do…. How can I get it to not cut the power off to the fuel pump

    1. Don’t cut the orange black, cut the yellow wire.

  123. If it dont work can i hook the yellow wire back up and will it start again

  124. Has anyone ever tried to remove ignition and completely do away with the system? I have an old colom in going to pull off tomorrow and open it up..has to be a way to bypass it where you never have another issue

  125. Excellent info straight to the Point works great

  126. Does not work on my 1998 grand am. I tried 4 Different values of resistors. When the key sensors fails the pass lock system will flash for 10 minutes and then you can retry. When I have the resistors in the circuit between the yellow and black wires at the sensor. The security light flashes 3 times once I try to start it and then goes back to steady lit. If I start the car while the sensor is working then unplug the sensor the security light comes on but I can start the car every time with out issues. However the light is on any time the car is on. Also step 6 give me no reading of the resistance it measures open. So I have to just try different resistors. I have been and electronics tech for more that 20 years so I am positive that I am using the meter correctly.

  127. Will this work on a 2001 silverado 2500hd?

  128. I have a 2006 escalade. I have red and white, orange and black, green and tan wires. No black wire. Please help.

    1. Same issue the colors do not match on the 2006 Escalade ESV. And it would be nice to have a plug and play module for the 3 wires so you wouldn’t have to cut or solder anything

  129. 2002 pontiac grand a m. followedproceedure cut yellow no luck. security lite stays on willnot start. if i drop neg. battery and wait for fifteen minutes hook it back up car good for me not so much for wife. any solutions?.thanks

  130. As an ase and g.m. certified tech this sounds lacking. GM made 3 types of security systems…passkey With the resister in the key….passlock With a tumbler sensor on the ignition lock….and pk3 With a chip inside the key head and also referred to as an immobilizer system. The passkey can be bypassed with a resistor. The passlock used a relearn procedure. Furthermore, different cars use different color wires. So my questions to the author are…1. Are you saying a resistor can be used to bypass the paaslock sensor? I have never heard of that. 2. Are you saying that the passkey sometimes needs relearned after installing a resistor? I have never done that. Could it be that you are combining pieces of info about each system?

    1. Author

      1. An installed resistor replaces the factory resistor used by the passlock ignition cyclinder.

      2. A relearn is needed if you’re unable to match the stock resistance read by the ignition cyclinder.

      This not my schematic, but merely refference

  131. What if you do this and still won’t start. Started for like 5 sec and then shut off and won’t start now. Pulled a p0700 code. Got rid of the code tried the relearn but still won’t start. 04 chevy 2500hd

    1. Also what watt resistor should you be using to do this?

      1. I have not tried this resistor method but I do know a little about resistors. You won’t hurt any thing if your watt size is to big or even way to oversized . if you go to small the resistor can over heat and if I was going to try this ( I may have to real soon my car got pass lock reset trouble).quarter watt might be OK but I’m going to try a half watt resistor and if its to hot ( i doubt it )then I’ll try what ever else I got 1watt or 2 watt or 5 watt or 10 or 20 watt , what ever I can find in my tool room. As far as watts goes ,its a measurement of how much heat a resistor can dissipate continuously , in DC circuits the dc amps reading flowing through the resistor multiplied by the dc voltage reading across it equals the heat or watts that radiates off the resistor .Well good luck !

  132. Do u do this between the little clip on the ignition and the bottom of the ignition maybe 6inches of wire or
    Between the back of the ignition whatever the whole lume bolts to
    I tryed both and couldnt register any ohms when key was turned to on position

    1. Forget the question now my light stays steady not even a flash
      I installef an entirely new ignition and harnedd with matching key…..lightbstill on steady … Did relearn


      1. Sorry i have come to the conclusion that when the security light stays on steady with no flashes ever in meand your security has been disabled already, most lickly from unplugging or ripping out the 3 wires( black/orange, red/white,yellow) while the motor is running 1998 astro 4.3 my start run for 2 sec die was actually the ecm?…black box about 4×6 inches maybe 1/2 thick …..i was just about to install fuel pump and the truck started but after moving my glob of wires ( ac/heater controls)back up into the dash it wouldnt start do i tracked it to the wiggling the ecm at the plug so i just unplugged it and threw it away security light is gone truck runs better than ever ……what does it even do i thought it controled the whole car….. Apparently not mine.

  133. I purchased a O2 impala dirt cheap to fix and sell, the previous owner put a fuel filter fuel pump, ignition etc…. I have found if I reset the security system the car will run as long as I leave it running!!
    What size resistor do I need?
    How many ohms does a passlock sensor have ?

    1. It’s depends gm has 15 types of key with resistance from 350ohms to 12700 ohms? With a 5%- /+ minimum and maximum. If no reading in ohms change settings to k ohms on meter?

  134. Does it work with Chevrolet Camaro 2013 ?

  135. Says here only to cut and wire black and yellow but you have 2 black ends.
    Do you wire the resistor 1 end to the black and 1 end with black and yellow together?
    My wires on a 2001 Chevrolet Express 5.7L van has the red/white, orange/black, yellow.
    Do you twist 1 black or orange/black and yellow wire together and test for resistor to the
    other black or orange/black wire?

    1. Pa Ej you don’t cut the orange and black wire at all….you just strip the coating so that you can solder the one resistor end to it. The yellow wire you cut in half and solder the other end of the resistor to the end of the yellow wire that goes to the computer. The other end of the yellow wire that goes back to the switch tape up so it don’t spark against any metal. If you did everything right it should start. I had to do that 10 minute test three times so it could jive with the ECM. Read some of the stories on how to do it right but the way to wire the resistor i told you is the right way. If you can’t find the right ohms you might have to buy a few of them to get the number you are looking for. Just sloder them like a rope in a straight line. I hope this helps.

  136. Hi. I have a 1999 GMC Sierra two wheel drive automatic, air cond, cruise control with a 5.3 V 8. My security system took a crap and it took me 7 days to figure it out. To make a long story short i found the yellow wire and the orange with a black stripe in the wire running down from the switch and through the steering column. ( the orange with black stripe is also the black wire they tell you to look for ) Anyway, mine called for 520 ohms when i did the test. What you have to do is from your ignition switch there are wires plugged into the sensor on top of the switch. Make sure you have the two colors i said. There is a red and white one there also but make believe it’s not there because you won’t use it at all. Follow the two down to where you can work with them. Cut the yellow wire in half make sure you have enough room on both ends to work with. The orange with black stripe just strip the coating off enough to solder to it. I used a 470 ohm 1/2 watt and three 15 ohm 1/2 watt because i could not find a 520. I know that only adds up to 515 but when you check it with a meter it will show 520, mine did anyway. You need to solder them in one length like a rope. Solder one end to the yellow wire that goes to the dash not toward the switch. That one you will tape off. The other end solder on the orange with black stripe. When you do that you might have to do that 10 minute thing to match up to your ECM. You might have to do that 10 minute thing 3 times. There are other people on here that you can read to tell you how to do that 10 minute thing. It takes to long to explain. I am only telling you this because if you have a truck like mine i am trying to save you time. Yours might be different and you might have to follow a step by step instruction.

    1. that is very well written and explained cant screw that up.

  137. will this work on a 2003 impala? Ignition on dash ?

  138. I have a 98 chevy 2500. I’ve tried the resistor but no luck. I bought a Xpresskit to bypass it. No luck. I’ve tried several times to do the 10 minute reset. No luck. Please help!!!!

  139. What’s going on when you’re your meter doesn’t show any resistance at all when you connected to the wires? Are you supposed to have the key turned on or the key turned off or the key out of the ignition

    1. Check meter. Should be set to 20k
      I had to turn key all the way – as trying to start truck to get resistance to show

  140. I’ve been trying to get a 2002 6 litre LS engine to run as stand alone.I had to connect the wiring harness from cab for it to run after I start it . As soon as I plugged the radio fuse in,it was alive and running very well,i have it bolted down to a strong 4 wheel cart. I need to know how I can trick computer for engine to run without the rest of the wiring from cab .some how run engine on the coils ,injectors ,fuel pump and the other sensors just for the engine to run in “stand alone ” without the body control module . Ive been working on possibly putting the 6 litre LS in my 68 Camaro ,which has a .060 327 in it now and run it on 114 octane gas with 6:13 gears in the 58 Pontiac differential .
    Hope some one has good news to help me out before I drive myself crazy with schematics and body control modules.Stand alone sure was a good idea ,but wasn’t expecting the “passlock” to be screwing with me .Till then thxs for your time,

  141. Okay so i have a 99 Chevy silverado 3500 with the 6.5 turbo diesel. Truck was running great until a starter wired melted and an blowing ignition fuses everytime i would turn the key. that problems fixed but now when i try to crank the truck it will turn over and run for about a 1 second and turn off like fuel is getting shut off, securty light stays solid, have tried realern didnt fix it. Will this bypass fix my problem? Or do i have another isssue?

    1. hello i am having the same problem with mine can you tell me if you got yours fixed and what was it

  142. You say it works on most GM
    vechicle’s , how about 2002 SATURN Sc1 ?

  143. I will let you know if I can do what I have been shown. Thanks

  144. Will this work on a gmc 2500 hd

  145. Will this work on a 2004 Malibu 2.2 I have tried every other method with no luck

  146. Will this work on a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer?

  147. I have this same problem but here is the funny part, I’m getting a 9.650 reading on the yellow wire going back to the BCM, no reading on the yellow going to the Ign. so I tried a 10k resistor and still nothing. What am I doing wrong.

    1. Al, I’m no expert but just finished this fix on my neighbors 2002 Malibu.
      You say you took a reading on the Yellow back to the BCM,
      You should be checking the Yellow you cut back to the KEY switch. from the
      Black wire you’ve “bared” but not cut. Turn the key to ON “not to crank” and
      this will give you the “value” your looking to replace with the resistor .
      I called my local TV / Stereo repair shop and the gave me a Whole Range of
      resistors from .0510 to 13.5 K Ohms and even marked the and sandwich between Tape !
      For $ 3.00 !
      My reading of the “KEY” yellow to the black was .615 so I used the .510 closet I had …
      and wallah ! Fired up first try ! Theft light was on but went out at 2nd start .
      Hope this helps
      Sincerely Mark B , AKA The Dude

  148. I have a 98 Sonoma chassis that I put not older chev cab on to it, 98 somoma ran perfectly until I did the switch, security lights all over the dash come on, checked fuses, BCM,VCM and PCM, checked grounds and loose wires, security light stays on all the time even with the key out. I have 3 keys and none are chipped. Battery is fine, truck turns over and then dies in seconds just like everyone else’s story on here. Like I said truck ran fine before. I took out the ABS A/C, radio, seat belts,, none of which will effect how’s the truck will run, but everything to do with security. I even bought the newrockies bypass module and performed the relearn several times and still nothing. , so i’my thinking it’s a loose connection somewhere, but if anyone out there has some info for me let me know. I’ve been spending so much time building this truck that it’s affecting my family and I really need to get this past me.

  149. I am working on a 2000 k3500 Chevrolet with a 5.7 engine. I found the passlock wires , and I have a yellow a red white , and a orange black. My question is do I use the orange black wire and connect it to the yellow wire going back to the ecm. Thanks.

  150. OK so I cut the wires to the ignition antitheft lock system my boyfriend and i were fighting i didjt want him to take my car so i clipped them i needed to rewire everything and know the lock wont go away 06 Chevy cobalt

  151. I have had this problem on a 2003 GMC savanna for approximately four years now. It was diagnosed by some repair shop and supposedly fixed but never worked right. I still have the security issue. I would always turn the ignition off, for 10 minutes or less, waiting for the security light to go away. Recently I accidentally put the vehicle in neutral after security light came on and it started. Ever since I’ve had the security light issue, my resolution has been to stick it in neutral and start the vehicle and it has worked. Give it a try it cost nothing.

    1. Jason… I have been having a passlock issue for at least 6 months and tried taking out fuses and everything else but nothing worked as the issue would keep returning. Today the car would not start and lo and behold I put it in neutral and it started on the 1st try! Thanks for your mention. This could save me 10 minutes every time it happens if it continues to work!

      1. I have noticed that it does work but only occasionally. So feel good in only being frustrated half of the time. Bwahahahaha.

  152. 2000 yukon 5.3 vortec. I dont have a black wire, have yellow, orange w black stripe, red w black stripe. Whuch do i connect the yellow to? Thx

    1. My blazer is the orange/black to the yellow

    2. Hey! Kevin, your orange w. black stripe = (black wire).

  153. Will this work for a 2005 chevy cavalier?

  154. Hello
    You said :The following instructions will allow you to disable the PassLock security in quite a few GM Vehicles.
    My question is:
    This will work on a 2004 Gmc Canyon with Passlock II security system?

    I will appreciate your answer
    Thank you.

  155. Le monte un arrancador remoto a mi GMC ENVOY 2002 y no prende busque los cables passlock y tampoco que podra ser

  156. I gave this fix a try and had no luck. I got no ohm reading from yellow wire. When I soldered it back together I got 1300 -1400. Granted I likely had wrong resistor. I pulled a 1/4 watt from old vcr and I gather the resistance to have been 3400. My car will not start and I was wondering if a dead pass lock sensor will cut power so this isn’t going to work? Also, I saw a tutorial where it seems the guy was saying to place resistor in yellow wire. He did not talk about connecting it to black wire. This makes sense? Or even a 3 way connect….?

  157. Got stranded in a parking lot for an hour today having this issue again. And I couldn’t pull the ohms correctly for a 2001 silverado 5.3 liter. If anybody knows the correct resistor value I’d certainly appreciate it.

    1. I’m working on an intermittent stalling issue myself and am doing the bypass on a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 4×4 5.3 and the resistance I got was 1.35 ohms.
      Your mileage may vary but I hope this helps.

  158. Do you think this might work on an 04 Pontiac Gran prix?

  159. When checking resistance from from the Orange/ Black to the Black wire of the ohm meter and the Red wire of the Ohm meter to the Yellow that goes to the ignition, NOT the BCM, I also do not get any reading. Does this mean the switch is bad or what should I do differently?

    1. I’m getting the same thing steve. Any progress?

      1. Never have figured it out yet. Might have to take it in. Not getting any help here. 🙁

  160. Ok i have a 2001 silverado 1500 ls 5.3l v8 and i tried to program a aftermarket fob with no luck i read some where online that my keyless entery receiver might not be working so today i went to my local pick n pull and got a receiver out of a 2000 chevy 1500 i came home took dash apart un hooked the exsiting receiver took it out and put the other one from junk yard in. Put evert thing back together tryed to program fob and nothing just like the stock one!! So i figured oh well it’s not gonna work so i started my truck and after a couple seconds truck sputterd and died!!! I started it again and it died!! Now it wont start at all!! This has never ever happend to me in this truck!! So i thought it has to be the receiver from junk yard so i took dash apart again and put the original receiver back in! And my truck still wont start!!!! I tried the relearn program, were you put key in the on/run for 10 mins turn off for 10 sec, then on/run for 10 mins then off again for 10 sec then on again for 10 mins then off 10 sec then try to start and it just turns over and over no start!!! Also on the 10 min relearn reprogram trick all forums say that when you start the reprograming that the security light will flash or stay on solid, when the key is on and to wait for security light to stop flashing or turn off which takes 10 mins. but when I turn key on only the red battery light comes on flash’s once and stays on. and is also where security light is it is the same window. or the battery light comes on solid for 6 seconds then security light flash’s for 6 seconds the it keeps repeating over and over! I don’t know why this is? because I have a battery charger hooked up to battery. The truck ran perfectly that day and always has till i changed out the keyless entery receiver please can any one please help!! Thank you so much for any help!!

  161. Thanks for perfect solution. installed resistor, switched key on for 10 min. re-learnprocess, then started car. theft light in dash is off.

  162. Will this work on 08 and 2500hd 6.0l gas….
    Thanks Jonathan

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