1. Very nice, I did the same thing but instead of the washers for the gear shifter what I did was grind off the weld and flipped the U-shaped piece 180 degrees and welded it on then just I did the same thing with the pin and it worked great and looks bone stock. I went from a Tecumseh 5 HP to a Briggs and Stratton Snow 11.5 torque. I also found that I needed to use the smallest drive pulley possible otherwise even in 1st gear it was way to fast.

  2. nice job.. what were the results of the performance of the new vs the old engine?

    1. Author

      well it went from a 5hp engine to a 6.5hp engine. Its hard to describe the perfomance boost but before the snow blower couldnt handle wet snow or slush and now with the changed engine it deffinetly can. The new style carb also makes the engine very easy to start.

  3. can you tell me were you bought the pulleys tks

  4. omg i can bealive i have the same problem looking at this you did a hell of a job can you please help me on figure out were to buy the pulleys and i have a honda engine 5.5 horse power

    1. Author

      Bought the pulleys from princess auto, if you an american I imagine harbour freight has them.

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