Unlock GM Theftlock Radio’s

Update: Click here if your Radio says “LOCKED” Continue reading if your radio says “LOC”

How to Reset GM Theft lock Radio’s


The following instructions will allow you to reset any GM (General Motors), Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac theft lock radio.


The theft lock radio must be in “LOC” mode.


1. Turn the ignition ON (The radio should display “LOC”)

2. Hold down the Radio Presets 2 and 3 buttons for six seconds

3. The radio display changes from LOC to a three-digit number. Write this number down. You now have fifteen seconds to complete the next step.

4. Press the AM/FM button

5. The radio display changes to another three-digit number. Write this number to the right of the first one.

6. You now have a six-digit number, the first three digits are from STEP 03 and the last three digits are form STEP 05

7. Call 1-800-537-5140

8. Press 1 then # (pound). You’ll hear “Invalid Code, try again”

9. Press 139010 or 106010 or 206010 or 202107 then # (pound). You will be asked to enter your four or six digit code followed by *

10. Enter the number from STEP 6 then *

11. Listen to the four-digit number and write it down. It will be repeated twice

12. Turn the ignition ON (The radio displays LOC)

13. Use the MN and HR buttons to enter the code from STEP 11

14. Press the AM/FM button. The radio display changes to “SEC”. Your radio is now “un-locked” and usable.


 Dealership Codes




If you fail to enter the correct code eight times, the radio goes into INOP mode. You have to wait an hour with the ignition on before the radio returns to LOC mode


  1. Ok… Now what?? With the ignition on, I hold the preset switches 2/3 at the same time for approx. 6 seconds and NOTHING happens.Radio continues to say LOCKED and does nothing. This unit is on a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. HELP!!
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Does it say “LOC” or “Locked” ?

      1. Mine says “Locked,” not LOC. What are the procedures for this? Pressing 2 & 3 does nothing

          1. Can u please help me unlock my radio,
            ************ Eric

      2. I have a 2004 Avalanche and I bought a Identical radio from the junkyard that came out of 02 Sillouette. It says locked. Can you please help with the code to unlock? I tried the right seek, preset 5, power button and it didn’t work! 🙁

        1. There is a way to completely unlock the radio if you have the correct delco radio. There is a youtube video that will show you how to remove one of the chips on the radio that controls the lockout system. With it un soldiered and removed, the lock system is completely removed and the radio and other options will all work

    2. Some of the newer gm cars dont have codes they read the VIN from the BCM. They shouln’t lock up unless the radio of BCM have been replaced. In that case programing the VIN to the replacement unit is required.

      1. my husband got a 2002 buick rendezous from a small dealership doors open truck to drivers window went up and down we bought it as he drove home 10 mins away the radio locked up trunk wont open and window wont go up we called the dealership he said as is and hung up 3 weeks later the only way he can get it to unlock in unplug the battery which is a pain in the butt when raining i called buick dealer they said theys no code we have to bring in to them i just had open heart opertion cant afford more bills is they a way to get the secuity thift to unlock the radio we only got one key no door opener when we bought the car please help me. email me if you no what do do at spoobleandyuck@cfl.rr.com can any one help me please god bless thank you and god bless and alwayes remember john 3 16 in the bible and that god loves you thanks again for your time.

    3. Try keeping the driver door open so Locked is not displayed on Radio
      then press the right seek button and the preset 5 button at the same time… and use
      the other hand to press the power button… The radio will turn on… Worked for My Buick Lesabre…. and should work for your similar vehicle.

  2. Replaced the battery and radio was showing LOC when we started it back up and we had NO clue what the code would be. This worked perfectly. Thank you!

  3. Bain do you happen to know the pin outs for the radio IE left right front n rear speakers? Also there is an extra green wire with voltage on it where might that one go? Some genius tried taking the radio and cut the harness then left the radio… now trying to get it hooked back up.

    1. The extra wire is probably your constant power wire, it keeps juice going to the radio so that you don’t lose presets each time you turn the car off and also keeps the clock on time.

  4. Oh my effen god. This actually worked. Radio for first time in two years. I love you. First song was I Love Rock n Roll by JJett. Gonna be a good day. -GB

  5. Yes!! Thanks so much. Dealership wanted $105. Tried your steps, second code worked, and it unlocked my daughters 99 Grand Am 🙂

  6. I have a 2002 STS with a Bose touch screen that will not come on. Checked fuses, just had to jump the car again and i can see the screen flicker when trying to start the engine. Who do i need to contact for help getting it unlocked?

  7. Is there a way to unlock a 2008 GM stereo? I have two I’m trying to get work in a 2008 Silverado 2500 HD. Came with just a radio. Want to add cd player. Models I have are 25941919 (out of another Silverado) and 22714656 (out of a Cobalt)

  8. Replaced the battery and radio was showing LOC when I started 1997 Geo Prizm back up. It gave me a four digit code. Using this, I called using Dealership Code 620529. This worked perfectly. To think the dealer wanted to charge $75 to place a call for less than five minutes of work. Thank you!

  9. I did all the steps and it gave me a 4 digit code but when I go to enter it into the radio it only lets me put in 3 digits not 4… What do I do??

  10. Never mind lol I saw 3 0’s and thought u could only enter a 3 digit number … Tired & wasn’t thinking thanks a lot for the help!

    1. thanks for the second post…I did exactly the same, thinking you could only enter 3 digits. had it not been for your second post I think my radio would still be locked and I would have gotten got for $102 by the dealership!

  11. I have a 2001 Yukon and the radio does not say loc but when you try to change the station the radio shuts off. What does this mean? Anyone know

  12. hey! I have a 2003 buick lesabre, it didn’t come with a radio, bought one from someone who was parting out theirs, it displays LOC … I hold down 2 and 3 but no numbers show up… what do I do???

    1. I have a 2000 Buick Lesabre. I am having the same problem as Shannon, who left a question on your page on November 20, 2013. I just got a factory stereo from a local junk yard that was out of a 2001 Lesabre. I also have the “LOC” display and I can not get past holding down presets 2 & 3. When I hold them down for at least 6 seconds, nothing happens. Thanks.

  13. I have a 1999 cadillac deville, i just ordered a stock radio off of ebay and it says “lock”. I tried this and nothing happens, andy ideas? thanks!

  14. 1998 Pontiac Grand Am Gt delco theftlock radio displays ‘LOC’ I hold presets 2/3 for about 10-15 seconds and no numbers show the I press and hold 1/4 for about 10-15 seconds and still no numbers show. Please help!!!

  15. hi my name is carol my husband around 3 weeks ago went to a small dealership and bought a 2002 buick rendezous for some reson the windows wont go up or down outside of the driver side and when we were there the doors open and back hatch did and the radio work so we bought what we could afford we drove home around 10 to 15 mins away from dealership as my husband got home he said the radio locked up said secuity thift and he couldnt roll window up and he couldnt get the hatch to open he was piss i called the dealership where he just paid for it and he said as is and hung up the phone. i called the dealerships around and they wont over 100.00 just to look at it they said it could go up to over 1000.00 to fix it. can anyone out there email me at spoobleandyuck@cfl.rr.com to fix this so we can open the hatch and roll the one window up and down for some reason the a/c blow but not cold air. too i looked on internet everone says there a code to unlock it dealership said not for 2002 buick rendezous they would have to hook up to a computer they said they charge over 100.00 a hour to work on cars. i just had 2 months ago open heart opertion and cant afford them to fix the problem is there anyone out there that can tell me what to do to get it to unlock the radio so we can open the hatch the only way we found is unhook the battery and thats a pain in butt every two or three days it will lock up again. please help me thank you for your time and god bless and alwayes remember john 3 16 in the bible and that god love you. and merry christmas to all.ps looking to hear from anyone that can help me please.

  16. Changed radio in 03 avalanche and it says locked!! Tried right seek preset 5 power and it does nothing!!! WHAT DO I DO NEXT? HELP!!!!!

  17. I have a 2013 chevy radio that say theft lock on ?

  18. my 2007 Trailblazer ss was totaled i have a Navi with touch screen
    I bought a 2009 Trailblazer ss came with bose 6 cd chgr will my 07 navi work in the 09

  19. My radio says loc then when I hit the min but it says inop I’ve driven my car for more then an hour and it still won’t come off inop what do I do

  20. Hi do you know if you can swap an 07 LT Tahoe radio system for a 10 with Bluetooth and USB radio

  21. 2004 chevy venture – have tried the 2/3 preset – NOTHING…tried 1/4 preset – NOTHING…the right seek/5 preset/power works but only when vehicle ignition is off- radio locks back up as soon as I turn ignition on…any suggestions? (Jen)

    1. Did you ever find a solution to unlocking your radio? We’ve tried the right seek/5 preset/ power button thing and have the same result, however we’re stuck after that.

  22. I have a Cadillac el dorado 02 I switched the factory tape player for a factory CD/tape player and its locked. Please help!!!

  23. Worked like. A charm thank you very much

  24. Thank you !! It worked on the first try !! Thank you !!

  25. How i unlock my 2007 hhr cd player

    1. If it’s the one that originally was installed in the vehicle it should work. If it’s a replacement the EPROM will put the radio in “Locked” mode if it determines that the VIN of the car in which the radio was originally assigned at the factory does not match up with the VIN of your HHR.

      One additional bit of advice: HHRs apparently have had issues with radios failing. My 2008 had an aftermarket deck in it which the dealer said they installed when they took it in on trade because the factory radio didn’t work. I googled this and found that radio failure was a common problem with HHRs with the low end radio/CD unit (not the Pioneer hign end unit) through the 2009 models.

      Hope this helps.

  26. Radio has been locked for 3 years , I couldn’t find a working dealer code…… You are the best the last code worked!!! I have a radio again , thanks , very nice.

  27. 2000 Chevrolet Suburban. Followed procedure. Unlock code from phone number does not work. Suggestions?

  28. Need to unlock my radio had to unhook the battery and now it’s locked can you help? I have a 2005 Saturn Ion. Thank you in advance.

  29. How do i unlock my 2002 chevy venture stero

  30. I tried this on a 2004 GMC box and it doesn’t work. It says LOC any suggestions?

  31. Need help unlocking my 2007 chevy lt impala any help on what I do?

  32. 2000 cavalier radio says loc and holding preset 2 and 3 does nothing how do I unlock it

  33. After going without our radio for about a month, because we removed the battery during a repair, we finally have the radio back!! Thank you!! You just saved us $59.99! ( what the dealership quoted me to do this!) thank you! Thank you!

  34. We bought a 2002 lesabre custom and try to unlock the radio with the steps you should just and it did not work help us please

  35. How do you unlock “theft mode” for vehicles with navigation. I have 2007 suburban and just bought a used navigation system

  36. have 99 Park Ave Ultra radio says LOC tried the 2 & 3 buttons the 1& 4 Buttons nothing changes it. ??? any other suggestions????

  37. Have a 2000 Grand Prix and replaced the battery. Sure enough the radio read LOC. I followed the steps and the LOC is gone and time appears. But I can’t turn the radio on. Press the power button and nothing. Is there a trick to getting the radio back?

  38. Hey when entering the phone number 1800-537 -5140 he keep telling you invalid code and after 3 times he hangs up what am I doing wrong

    1. Author

      What codes did you try …. they may have removed the dealership codes

  39. I have an 06 trailblazer an the radio stopped working after jump start. When truck is on nothing comes on the radio checked the fuse an its ok WHAT DO I DO??

    1. Disconnect your battery for about 60 seconds, then reconnect, start it up, and see if the radio works.

  40. I have an 03 avalanche with Bose, 6 cd changer. Truck died last night and I jump started it today and the radio comes on like normal but none of the buttons/knobs are working. It does not say loc or locked. I can not turn the volume or turn it off. Extremely annoying. HELP!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me a few years ago. Try disconnecting the battery for about 69 seconds then reconnect it, start the truck, and check your radio. It worked for me.

      1. Thanks sam, I disconnected the battery and cleaned some corrosion off and booya. Back to normal. Didn’t think that little amount of corrosion would have an effect or maybe it was just resetting it by disconnecting it that worked. Either way thanks

  41. Soooo happy to have found you. After numerous google searches finally found this. The six digit number was easy to get but couldnt get a dealer code to work until I tried the ones you suggested. Got the four digit unlock, figured out how to use hr/min keys to enter and voila I have radio. You rock!

  42. I own a 98 corvette. I recently moved to CA. I took my car to get smog tested and when I got back in it, the radio was locked. The display does not say LOC or LOCKED but it won’t turn on. The clock is still functioning but that is all that works. I considered changing it, but I want to keep it stock. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    1. Sounds to me like an issue with the switched power. The radio uses an unswitched power circuit for the presets and clock and a switched circuit for the radio itself. If you have display but no sound there’s a problem with the switched circuit. Could be anything from a fuse to the radio itself. Don’t believe this is a Theftlock issue because I believe even Corvette radios will read LOC or LOCKED if there is a radio/VIN mismatch. I understand some higher end GM radios have no readout for this but I don’t think the Corvette is one of them unless it possibly had the Bose sound system. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks Sam. Turns out it was a bad power switch on the unit itself. I guess it was a coincidence that I found out during the smog test. I was able to power it on by putting a cd in it. I appreciate the quick response to my question. God bless.

  43. I call that 800 number and it doesn’t give me a four digit code, it gives me a six digit code! What do I do with that?

  44. I have a 2000 chev Malibu and the radio says LOC. I have tried the above Method but when I enter the 2 sets of numbers it says invalid. what do I do?

  45. Hello,
    Just grabbed a radio out of a junk ’02 Cav, I’m putting it into a ’03 Sunfire, Radio says LOC, I have tried holding down 2 & 3 As stated but nothing… Any ideas ?

  46. The phone number 1800-537-5140 wasn’t going through, any suggestions?

  47. Thank you so much! This information helped with resetting my moms radio!

  48. I have a 2004 Grand Am, tried the 2-3, 1-4, 5 -seek, none of this works, it still says LOCKED, I even did the battery thing by unhooking it, did nothing. IS there any way to unlocked these CD stereos in the Grand Am’s ? I don’t see anyone else mentioning Grand Am on here. PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. How do i get zero for the first number my number is 0558 i have a 99 suburban:

  50. Whats going on, my battery got changed yesterday and now my radio dont even say locked its just a blank screen that don’t work anymore

  51. 1-800-537-5140 does not answer. Tried multiple times and let it ring forever. Help! the dealership wants $110 to fix this issue.

  52. Can’t get through the 1800 number to reset my 1999 cavalier radio

  53. Your procedure worked perfectly, first try, no issues. 2000 Olds Bravada. Thank you very much!

    1. Tom – when did you manage to get through on the phone number provided? Can you please tell us the date, day of the week, and the time of day?

  54. I am pressing and holding the buttons but no code comes up just keeps saying locked. Help

    1. same issue here on a 2000 Buick LeSabre Custom, even tried the owners manual from a 1999 Buick LeSabre found at http://www.vadengmpp.com/owners-manual/buick/1999-Buick-Lesabre.pdf , Pages 3-30 thru 3- 32. Those procedures didn’t show anything but the LOC words also, no other display. I pulled the audio fuse, turned the ignition to ACCESORY position, reinserting the fuse, and the darn radio worked flawlessly…until I started the car. Then, the radio went back to LOC mode. This radio has controls on the steering wheel which all worked while I had the system working. Lastly, it is a AM-FM stereo with cassette tape and compact disc player WITH automatic tone control. Any help out there? Thank you.

  55. My 03 rendezvous radio says cal when you first start the car then says loc. Do anyone know what this means?

    1. Skylar, the “CAL” means its trying to calibrate/program itself to work and youre getting the “LOC” because the “CAL” didnt work. Turn your car, let it move from CAL to LOC. Once its on LOC, you can proceed to entering the 4 digit code to unlock it.

  56. I have my codes an the 800 number works but none of the 6 digit codes work for mine. i found 2 that do work but ask for 4 or 6 digit display an mine is a 3 digit display. I have a 99 Chevy venture. It says LOC

  57. I have a 2000 Saturn, called the 800 number and got the code but when i entered it keeps saying error the number my radio gives is a 6545 and the code i got 3404 does anyone knows other code??

  58. Thanks it works for a 2002 cadillac escalade,

  59. Hi my name is joe I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe n the processes u indicated it didn’t work on my truck it’s there another way to try.please help

  60. Battery was replaced in my 2007 buick Lacrosse now my radio will not come on what are the code to re program the radio.My radio is not in the loc mode or locked mode

  61. Worked on a 1999 GMC sierra with dealer code 620529.

  62. Thanks man …. I did unlock my radio .. thanks .Thanks .

  63. My code is 688594 how do I get the 4 digit code

  64. Thank you. Simple easy head ache solver after buying a used Pontiac without the codes.

  65. Ileft the battery on and now I have a black space and no radio on my 2012 Malibu LTZ. How do I get it on.

  66. This is awesome. Worked the first time.

  67. called the number several times and get no response, just keeps ringing

  68. Worked great on Century Park ave . Thanks .

  69. Will this work if cd player came out of 02 CTS and put in 95 firebird

  70. does the loc mode take out your clock display also ?

  71. Thank you so much saved me money the dealership lied to me and this unlocked my stereo they said there is not a code.

  72. Didnt work on my 2001 pontiac aztek! Tried all that was posted!

    1. 2008 chevy Impala says locked can.anyone.help

  73. 01 Deville Bose radio does not say LOC or anything. The clock is on. When the radio is turned on it shows antitheft is active.

  74. Thanks this worked on my 96 gmc savanna 1500

  75. Radio was completely in responsive. Dealer said I was sol

    Disconnected battery, touched terminals together and cycled key, then reconnected everything. Radio came back on good as new

  76. worked ….you are awesome….

  77. Unlocked but now radio dose not work

  78. 2004 pontiac. Grandpa gt. Says LOC. But tried all steps and get nothing. Pls help

  79. Has universal radio and don’t have any power to the radio/wind shield wipers/heater or power windows

  80. Worked fine for me! Thanks King Bain!
    If its not working for you try timing the entry of your (division code) + # + (dealer code)
    ie 1 + # + 202108

    1. When I press 2 and 3 I’m not getting a code can someone help me lol

      1. same here, but I have a 2006 Cobalt

    2. I have 2000 Chevy impala RDS radio says no update what can I do

      1. 2001 chevy impala 110,000 miles same thing on mine need answer to fix

        1. Which my security light and battery light on car starts whenever it decides to have tried several things nothing seems to work need fixed

  81. I have done this step serveral and it’s still not working what else cami do

  82. I running a 96 sunfire in a derby do I need cut a wire I been told u have to then been told not to cut anything

  83. Have a grand prix with the radio locked. I don’t believe it’s the original radio from the car. Display says locked. How do I unlock the radio?

  84. In the past, I have called the number and gotten the code, but it isn’t working this time and I cannot remember where I put the code after writing it down. Could someone just tell me the unlock code for a 2001 Chevy blazer?

    1. To clarify, the phone number is just ringing and not doing the automated message.

      1. I am having the same exact issue, 2001 s10 blazer and number is ringing no answer

  85. After trying several different ways from the net,I found that some others left out key points.Your site was very spot on with all the info I needed to get my radio back on after a battery changed.I wish I had gone to your site first, would have saved a lot of time.The key was getting the right dealer code. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

  86. I can’t even get it to go to code. Hit the 2 3 present at same time and hold for 6 seconds and still says loc

  87. I need help with my 2014 camaro i change the stereo to and now it said it locked i try doing the step with pushing #2/3 and #1/4 but nothing is working

  88. I have a 2005 Chevy trailblazer and the want to put another factory one in it because CD stopped working, I have the replacement one from another trailblazer, but it won’t work. How can I unlock this to put in my trailblazer or do I have to take it to a dealer? Also I have one in a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette Van that works that I can put it if it will work. Thought 2005 and up looks at Serial Numbers.

  89. I need help unlocking my radio. It is a 2013 Chevy Malibu and the radio is an OEM I bought off Ebay.

  90. Thank thank thank you this worked awesomely. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do without a radio on the car I just bought!

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