I wish I had more photos of this process, but for some reason I didnt take very many. I basically shortened this light fixture so it would fit under one of my skinny cupboards. You may be asking, why would you ever do this? You’d do this because you want to use the “same lights” for your entire kitchen and using a smaller unit made by a different company could cause issues finding a light with the same intensity and temperature. The key points of this process are: The light fixture body and the LED driver body are extruded pieces of aluminum, with plastic endRead More →

Summary From Ottawa, Ontario. Travel to the base of Mount Washington. Prepare camp and the following day hike up and then down Mount Washington. Details When: June 24th, 2019 (Updated as of 2019-04-19) Where: Ottawa/Ontario – Mount Washington, New Hampshire Who: Phil, Kyle, John …and maybe a couple others ūüėÄ Route: This is still being researched as their are many trails to ascend and descend Weather: From a historical viewpoint, hiking early June should provide us alright weather (although weather patterns on the mountain can change quickly). Summit Weather Station Travel Arrangements: The average cost to fly to Ottawa from Winnipeg is about $211 withRead More →

I was cruising the surplus isles at Princess Auto the other day when I noticed they’re selling Craftsman 22575 Digital Readouts (DRO) for about $15. I wasn’t sure if I could adapt the DRO to a non craftsman table saw, but I was willing to give it a gamble. The trick to adapting this is to make sure your mounting point only moves in one axis. +- half a degree isnt bad! That said this is a portable table saw and the angle finder needs to be zero’d every time the saw is moved. The CraftsOBI! Update If you want an digital angle readout and youRead More →

Updated with ingredient amounts for a 2 lbs loaf [11/05/2018] 1 1/2 Cups¬† – 330g – Hot Water 2 TSP – Honey 1 TBSP & 1/4 – TSP Yeast 37.g – Melted Butter 1/2 TSP¬†– Xanthan Gum 1 TSP – Salt 3 packets – Sweetener 2 – Room temperature(not chilled) – Eggs 1/2 Cup – 51g – Oat Fiber Flour 2/3 Cup – 112g – Ground Flax Meal 1 1/4 Cup –¬† 256g – Wheat Gluten Flour   All the credit to /u/ConeCandy¬†for developing this. Pour this into your bread maker pan first: 1 Cup – 246 g – Hot Water 1 Tsp – 7Read More →